Heart earrings, DIY

While Valentine’s Day might have come and gone, the real season for love is only starting: just look at all the cute duck pairs swimming along the canal. To celebrate the fact, here is a pair of flirty earrings to jump start your spring heart collection.

What you will need (Michaels):
2 blue hearts
2 opaque pink hearts, 14 mm
2 aqua reconstituted stone beads
blue moon glass seeds
2 silver crimp beads, 1.3 mm
2 earring hooks
nylon coated stainless steel string, 0.12”

heart-shaped earrings DIY

heart shaped earrings

Heart shaped earrings DIY

heart shaped earrings

diy earrings

Hexnuts and pearls earrings, DIY

diy hexnut jewelry

Spring is around the corner and with it the music festivals season – a great excuse to wear fun and funky fashions and unique accessories. Here is an idea for a pair of earrings that I created for my sis to wear at ACL last year.

What you’ll need:
2 hex nuts, 1/2 mm size
16 hex nuts, 3/8 mm size
your favorite superglue ( I used loctite)
metallic spray paint (Rust-o-leum brand)
2 old/cheap perl stud earrings
2 earring hooks

diy hexnut jewelryStep 1. Glue the smaller hexnuts together as shown below. You should end up with 4 identical pieces.

diy hexnut jewelry

Step 2. To make each earring, glue two of the pieces above to the middle of the bigger hex nut.

diy hexnut jewelryStep 3. Apply metallic spray paint to the assembled piece. Let it dry and repeat for the other side.

diy hexnut jewelry

Step 4. Break off the stems from the pearl earrings, and glue the pearls into the large hexnuts.

hexnut jewelryAttach earring hooks and voila!

diy hexnut jewelry

Vintage inspired ribbon necklace, DIY

I love, love, love this necklace for both its bright and pretty colors as well as its verstatility. You can wear it low or high – great thing about ribbon ties – to add a feminine touch to a work outfit or, on a dressier occasion, to add some fun to a cocktail dress.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • 2 of each of opaque amethyst, green, and blue 10mm 12 in bead strings (Michaels)
  • nylon coated stainless steel wire (any craft store)
  • calotte-type crimp beads (any craft store)
  • velvet ribbon (any craft store)

DIY ribbon and bead necklace

First step is to string the different color beads as shown below. I used 28 for amethyst string, 30 for green, and 33 for blue.

DIY ribbon and beads necklace step 1Next, use crimp beads (here, I broke off the hooks and used the crimping part itself) to crimp the ends of the steel string.

diy ribbon and bead necklace step 2Next, secure the crimped ends to the ribbon by folding the ribbon ends as shown below and sewing the crimped ends into the fold.

diy ribbon and bead necklace

Final touch, add seed beads to the ends as shown below.

diy ribbon and beads necklace

And here it is!

diy ribbon and bead necklace

Cord hoop earrings, DIY

These unique and eye-catching cord hoop earrings are easy to make and are fun to wear. I chose black to show off the pretty pattern, but they will look great in any color. Here is what you will need (all can be found at Michaels):

2 steel split rings, 32mm
2  earring hooks
~ 1 yard black silk cord
4 wooden beads

diy hoop earrings

Start with wrapping the cord around the split ring as shown below.

diy hoop earrings

Keep repeating the pattern until the cord is wrapped tight enough that the ring is not visible. diy hoop earrings

Cutoff leftover cord, and use one end to form one last loop to which earring hook will attach. Use a needle and black thread to secure the ends to the base of the ring and attach piece of string with beads to the back of the ring.

diy hoop earrings

Repeat for the other earring.

diy macrame hoop earrings

Jewelry Organizer, DIY

What girl doesn’t need a jewelry organizer, right? Here is an idea for a cute, convenient and inexpensive one that only takes an hour to make. Pick a bright fabric if you want to add a splash of color to your room (obviously, I did :) )

DIY jewelry display

Here is what you’ll need:

  • 24″ x 36″ cork board (from Hobby Lobby or similar store)
  • ~0.75 yard of fabric (Jo-Ann fabrics)
  • synthetic quilting padding (either of those stores)
  • push pins

The steps are pretty easy: Start with cutting off two 1-inch strips of fabric to use later for hanging earrings. Overlay the synthetic quilt padding and the fabric on top of the cork board. Stretch them tight and secure with quilters pins, then use a heavy duty stapler to secure them to the back of the board.

DIY Jewelry Display

Using sewing machine, sew 1-inch wide pieces of fabric into flat ribbons as shown below

DIY Jewelry Display

Stretch them horizontally across the board and secure the ends on the back with a stapler. Hang your earrings and use push pins for necklaces.

DIY Jewelry Display